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Equipment List

We are constantly updating our equipment, searching for new and unique tools for the industry and finding new ways to better provide each shoot with precisely what they need.
Please see our extensive list below.

RED Epic-W 8K Helium
PL Mount Canon Mount

Dovetails: 12in, 18in Iris Rods: 4in, 12in - 15mm, 12in,24in - 19mm 

Cartoni support: 100mm & Mitchell / Delta Rosso & Maxima Baby, Standard Sticks: Mitchell Mount 100mm ball sticks 

Backstage: 100mm to Mitchell adapter 

Mitchell mount hi-hat, ​100mm hi hat

Zhiyun-Tech Crane 3S Pro

Backstage Camera cart

Sprinter 2500 Camera Van

Flanders 201 17in Kit

Small HD Focus Pro OLED
Odyssey 7
Teradek Bolt Pro 600 Kit (dual
HDSDI/ HDMI) w/ 2nd RX (HDSDI only)

Teradek VidiU Go w/ 2 cellular nodes

Cooke 20-100mm zoom, T) 3.1
TLS Cooke Speed Panchros
18mm, 25mm, 32mm, 50mm, 75mm

Angenieux EZ 1 30-90mm T) 2.0

Angenieux EZ-2 15 to 40mm T) 2.0
Bright Tangerine Strummer 6.6x6.6 mattebox
Bright Tangerine Misfit Atom 4x5.6 mattebox
6.6 filter kit: ND .3-.9 ; ND SE .3-. 9

Optical Flat 6” round: Pola, 138mm: round Pola, +1 Diopter
Spidergrips 2x Noga arm
Chrosziel FF - Studio Rig manual
Chrosziel MagNum 200 (2 ch. wireless FF)

Gratical Eye HD EVF 

w/ Rigging, Diopters, P Tap cable

8x V mount bricks
2x V mount chargers
10x Anton Bauer Gold mounts w/
2x Gold Mount chargers
1x Gold to v mount adapter
1x V mount to Gold mount adapter
3x 480GB mini mag
RED station USB3

Sound Devices MixPre-3
Sennheiser 416
K-Tek Boom

Sennheiser G4 Lav Kit

Sanken COS11D mic

Mac Pro Cylinder tower
HP dreamcolor monitor
MacBook Pro

 3 Ton G&E package

Wireless DMX Kit
2x Arri SkyPanel S60-C Kit
Bale, Pivot Junior Pin
Intensifier, Diff Panels: Standard, Heavy
2 60 deg. Grid, Chimera w/ Ring
Arri SkyPanel S30-C Kit

Arri 4K HMI w/ electronic HS Ballast
Arri M18 Kit w/ HS Ballast

Chimera w/ Ring

Arri M18 Kit w/ HS Ballast

LightBridge Go Kit
Joker 800w w/ chimera and leko adapter
Joker 400w w/ pancake and Leko adapter
6x 750w source 4 lekos
Leko Lens Kit
2x Dedolite w/ 1 lens
1x DMG Lumiere SL1 Mix Kit (RGBW)
8x Astera Pixel Tubes Travel Kit (RGBW)

2x Astera Titan Tubes (RGBW)

Creamsource Vortex 8
1x Creamsource Mini Kit_daylight spot
1x Creamsource Mini_blender spot
CS AKS: 60 deg., 30 deg. grid,
Snapbag w/ grid

1x Cineo HS Kit

2x 6' Balloons DMX/CCT (Self Inflating)

1x Litemate 4 (DIY/RGBW)

2x Litemate 2 (DIY/RGBW, or CCT)
1x Kino Flo Celeb 250 (RGBW)
60 deg. grid, 90 deg. grid
1x Kino Flo Celeb 201 90 deg. grid
1x Kino Flo Divalite
2x Litepanels 1x1
2x Arri 2k open face
2x Arri T1
2x Arri 1k open face
2x Arri 650w
2x Arri 300w
2x Arri 150w
1x inkie Mole

1x 1K Nook Mole
1x 200w "nook" light
Rosco LitePad Kit
Lite Ribbon kit
4x China balls 24in, 12in
3x covered wagons, single bank

2 2k DMX Dimmer Pack

10 Channel 240V TwistLock Dimmer Pack

5x 1k dimmers
3x 650w dimmers
1x 1k Variac dimmer
Dryer Drop Kit

1x 7000w Honda generator/inverter
1x 3000w Honda generator/inverter
2x 2000w Honda generator/inverter

Studio Cart: C Stand Utility Cart
2x 12x12 frame w/ corners & ears

2x 8x8 frame w/ corners & ears
2x 6x6 frames 
w/ corners & ears
12x12 rags: 2x China silk, Ultra Bounce, 1/2 Grid, 1/4 Grid, Solid, Double Net,

8x8 rags: Ultra Bounce, Solid, 1/2 Grid, 1/4 Grid,

Bleached Muslin, Unbleached Muslin

Single Net, B/W Gifflyon

6x6 rags: ultra bounce, China silk,1/4 silk, solid
10x C-Stands
1x shorty C-Stand
4x Low Boy Combos
4x Grip Combos_steel triple riser

2x Combos_steel triple riser

1x Combo_steel double riser
2x Combos double riser - AL
2x Mombo Grip Combos
2x Combos Hi-Roller stands

1x Combo Low-Roller stands
2x baby stands
1x premie baby
1x MatthBoom
1x Baby Boom
15x 25lbs sandbags
10x 35lbs sandbags

2x 20lbs shotbags
3x 4x4 floppies
1x 4x4 ultra bounce floppy
3x 4x4 Beadboard

1x 2x2 Beadboard
1x 1x2 Beadboard
2x3 flag kit
18x24 flag kit
3x 3x3 open frames
3x 4x4 open frame
4x lollipops
3x Cardellini end jaw
6x Cardellini mid jaw
6x mafer clamps
4x C clamps
6x scissor clips
4x duck bills
6x baby plates

5/8 Rigging Kit
3x family apple boxes
1x full apple boxes
Dana dolly
4ft, 6ft, 8ft rails
Matthews Doorway Dolly w/ Track sleds/wheels
Track: 4ft, 8ft, 10ft

4ft GF-Slider w/ Mitchell 4 way leveler mount, Bazooka Stand_(January 2020)

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