Patrick Blevins

Cinematographer, Gaffer, Storyteller 

Patrick Blevins is the founder of phoTold Pictures.

He is a cinematographer with skills in both camera and electric depts.

Having over a decade of experience on set, Patrick really enjoys the whole process and collaboration of filmmaking. He is currently looking to distribute wisdom to our audiences. Patrick has a Bachelor degree in film from Full Sail University and Diploma from SAE, School of Audio Engineering. He currently lives in Portland, Oregon.

Patrick has a cinematic eye driving his creativity and technical understanding

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Taylor Stump

Cinematographer, AC, Director

Taylor Stump is instrumental in phoTold Pictures success.

Taylor brings both lighting and camera skills to set. Taylor balances our approach to any frame, bringing a feminine eye to the entire set. This improves the cinematic quality and depth of our shoot. Taylor is a joy on set and you will not be waiting on Camera or G&E depts.

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